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Road Trip Revelations: Discovering the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Portland

Updated: May 30, 2023

This July, my family and I are embarking on a one-of-a-kind road trip from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon (#SeattleToPortland). My wife, our high-school-aged daughter, and our twenty-something daughter are all on board for this family adventure (#FamilyAdventure). Our journey will weave through the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest (#PacificNorthwest), from the pristine Olympic National Park to the captivating Crater Lake.

Our journey kicks off in Seattle, from where we will head to Olympic National Park (#OlympicNationalPark). This breathtaking natural reserve promises an incredible mix of lush rainforests, alpine meadows, and stunning coastline – the ideal haven to unwind and savor the tranquility of nature, following the whirlwind of wrapping up work, preparing for the dog sitters, and making our flight to Seattle.

Following the exploration of Olympic National Park, our family road trip takes a turn down the breathtaking Oregon Coast (#OregonCoast). We'll be soaking in the sunsets over Cannon Beach, catching a glimpse of sea life at Depoe Bay, and savoring as many local seafood delicacies as possible.

Next, we're venturing to Crater Lake (#CraterLake), the deepest lake in the United States. Known for its almost unreal deep blue color and clear waters, Crater Lake promises to be a highlight of our family trip.

Then, our adventure will lead us to the vibrant city of Bend, beloved for its outdoor activities and craft beer culture. We'll enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating down the Deschutes River before an evening of great dining.

Our journey culminates in Portland, a city that's a foodie's haven and a hipster's paradise. Here, we'll be visiting my baking guru's pizza restaurant. We'll recount our journey over slices of artisanal pizza, sharing laughs, stories, and planning our next family adventure.


From peace of Washington's temperate rain forest to the artisanal eateries of Portland, this summer road trip promises to be a fantastic family bonding experience. It's a journey through the diverse landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, a blend of shared experiences, and an exploration of our collective love for adventure. Stay tuned for our #FamilyRoadTrip updates and come along as we navigate the roads and the joys of this great road trip together.

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Indie Travel Adventurer
Indie Travel Adventurer
Jul 24, 2023

We just completed the trip. Looking back, we should have spent more time in Olympic National Park as less time in The Central Coast and Bend (a little overrated in my opinion). Crater Lake was a nerve-wracking drive but the views were absolutely amazing.

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